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A Detailed Record of the Employer Investment

Employees rarely comprehend their employer's investment in their total compensation. PEC creates detailed Total Compensation Statements, including employer contributions, tax savings and retirement funds, to accurately illustrate the employee's overall benefit and compensation package.


  • Defines personal value beyond wages.
  • Provides easy reference materials on benefit elections.
  • Helps employees understand the full value of their overall compensation.
  • Provides a platform for messaging on broader topics (wellness, state of the company, etc.).
  • Enhances morale.
  • Offers a potential goal-setting tool.
  • Instills appreciation for company contributions to benefits.
  • Complements Health Care Reform requirement to provide value of medical plan.
  • Simple to read, unlike Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD).


  • Onsite, one-on-one meetings with trained Benefit Counselors (during annual enrollment or off anniversary)
  • Online
  • U.S. mail
  • Distributed by employer
Contact PEC to design your total compensation statement solution.
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