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Simplified and Automated Benefits Management

PEC's vocation is enrollment and benefit administration. By using a unique, intuitive system customized to serve each client, we are able to streamline these processes as well as deliver many standard reports in real-time accompanied by TPS/carrier interfacing, saving clients hours of work each week.


  • Benefit plan options are customized for each employee, dependent on eligibility
  • Provides links to benefit guides, calculators and decision support tools
  • Eliminates manual data entry process
  • Embedded or overlaid video capabilities
  • Accommodates "snap-in" pages, such as:
    • Wellness credits
    • Dependent coverage surcharge
    • Tobacco surcharge
    • Dependent audit
  • Allows for custom screen and logic design for specialized data collection
  • Offers real-time reporting including:
    • Summary reports (broken down by department, locations, etc.)
    • Detail reports (search by employee name or SSN)
    • Audit reports (EOI, dependent eligibility reports, etc.)
  • Includes post-enrollment survey
  • Ensures clean data by verifying:
    • Personal and dependent data
    • Dependent audit information
    • Beneficiary adds, changes or deletes
  • Generates confirmation statements
  • Ensures accurate EDI connections to HRIS, carriers, payroll and TPAs
  • Provides read-only access for human resources to review enrollment status


  • Annual enrollment
  • Ongoing newly eligible enrollment
  • Onsite one-on-one meetings with trained Benefit Counselors
  • Call Center one-on-one meetings with trained Benefit Counselors
Contact PEC to custom design your benefits enrollment.
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