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Data Integration Simplified for the Business Owner

EDI enrollment connections can pose problems due to frequent client-vendor format variation, however, PEC's EDI team are experts in, not only managing and manipulating all import/export formats, eliminating this challenge, but also in supplying custom and standard formatting based on your program's set-up and scope of service.


  • Process is customized to meet requested format and frequency.
  • Transfers measurable metrics to employer’s record keeping database.
  • Assists in the appeals process for employees receiving a Federal subsidy.
  • Ensures data flow is managed efficiently.
  • Improves consistency and eliminates manual data entry (i.e., errors).
  • Streamlines the transaction process.


  • PEC's proprietary electronic data management system
  • Integration with customer's existing systems
  • Integration with third party systems
Contact PEC for more information about our electronic data intigration capabilites.
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