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Your Employee's Personal Benefit Resource

PEC's Dedicated Benefit Representatives complement internal Human Resource teams to ensure individual personal attention is allocated to each employee, alleviating the onboarding of new hires and enrolling of current employees which, otherwise, would become an additional stressor and consume valuable HR hours.


  • Offers an effective platform for collecting and recording employee data.
  • Contributes increased employee trust.
  • Delivers consistent, branded messaging for all employees.
  • Collects and reports employee feedback.
  • Increases employee engagement, understanding and appreciation.
  • Relieves Human Resources' time by reducing the administrative burden.
  • Provides an efficient method for employees to make benefit elections.


  • Representatives' roles vary based on customers' needs and include:
    • Core benefit and retirement plan communication and education
    • Annual/ongoing newly eligible enrollment
    • Employee demographic and status changes
    • Eligibility tracking
    • Variable hour employee education
  • Onsite
    • Provides full-time, outsourced resources to serve as an extension of the customer's internal staff.
    • Acts as the customer's full-time employee, yet their salary and benefits are paid by PEC, fully trained on customer's benefit program (intensive product, benefit and systems training).
Contact PEC to see how a Dedicated Benefit Representative can help.
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