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Eliminate Errors via Automated, Accurate Data Control

PEC’s data management system allows the efficient gathering and updating of personnel data and election records, returning a secure, proven process to employers for vendor transmission of information that minimizes errors and provides customized real-time data.


  • Removes errors from billing remittances.
  • Transmits data in a HIPAA-compliant environment.
  • Assists in monitoring deadlines/status of employees.
  • Ensures accurate and reliable data feeds to the employer’s Human Resource Information System or to appropriate carriers and vendors.
  • Offers real-time customized reporting such as:
    • Employee status (e.g., hourly, FTE, PTE)
    • Pending Evidence of Insurability
    • Not-Seen Reports
    • Dependent eligibility
    • Benefit participation
    • Consumer Driven Health Plan migration.
  • Eliminates errors due to conflicting sources of information.
  • Limits Human Resources' investigation time for individual questions.
  • Eradicates manual data entry errors.


  • Questions related to Health Care Reform employee status
  • Action to be taken based on employee status
  • Employee demographics
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Carrier and benefit elections for employee and dependents
  • Capturing spending account amounts - FSA (medical and dependent, HSA)


  • PEC's proprietary data management system
  • Third-party system (carrier or payroll vendor)
  • Customer's existing system
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