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Call Center | Employee Benefit Guidance | PECWorks


When Your Employee Benefit Guidance Is On the Line

PEC's licensed counselor-assisted call center services have made us the industry leader for educating, enrolling and serving individuals on behalf of their employer.


  • Creates a personalized experience for each employee.
  • Provides efficient, high-touch enrollment.
  • Allows for segmenting and prioritizing of employee population.
  • Ideal for enrolling executives, field employees and new hires.
  • Monitors and records all inbound/outbound calls for quality assurance.
  • Catalogues and tracks all call interactions, enabling real-time reporting.
  • Delivers consistent, scripted employer messaging, incorporating Health Care Reform information and notifications.
  • Archives all recorded calls.
  • Provides complete flexibility:
    • Unrestricted size and scale
    • No geographic restrictions
    • All time zones are represented
  • Offers outbound automated message delivery.
  • Multi-lingual capabilities.


  • New hire engagement process
  • Annual enrollment
  • Ongoing benefit services for employees during plan year
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